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How To Increase Business Sales and Other
Website Marketing Strategies & Tactics
Using Autoresponders!

All The Autoresponders You Want with No Monthly Fees!

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AutoResponse Plus 4 proven steps to increase sales and build great customer relationships...   in just 48 hours using proven website marketing strategies. Now FASTInstall! is included... Save $35 to $170 IMMEDIATELY when you buy AutoResponse Plus
  • Step 1: Buy It   
  • Step 2: Install It   
  • Step 3: Set It  
  • &   Step 4: Let It

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AutoResponse Plus Help Desk & Tech Support

Group of guys who need help!Broadcast is stalled and client is on their way to your office for an email marketing presentation and results report. Time to open a Help Desk ticket at the ARPGuru Help Desk... or, you just want to delegate the setup of AutoResponse Plus... or, you have a monthly newsletter to send and the broadcast won't "go"... or...

Fixed Fast!... No Brag, Just Fact!


Questions about using the Help systemHow do I know when to use the ARPGuru ARP Forums or open a Help Desk ticket at the ARPGuru Help Desk

Read about how the help system works and how to decide.

AutoResponse Plus FastInstalls

A super fast Installer ARP installed, configured, and ready to do follow-up, or a broadcast in: 48 hours for a new domain and 2 hours for "live" website (a website is considered live when you can browse to it).

AutoResponse Plus FastInstalls.... "No Brag Just Fact!"

AutoResponse Plus Database Transfer - Hassle-Free!

Order AutoResponse Plus MySQL Database Transfer Move your AutoResponse Plus MySQL Database to a new host! We can move any MySQL database for you, not just ARP. Done fast, securely, and hassle-free.

We take time to do things right...

So The Right Things Get Done!

300+ Free Web Hosting Demonstration Tutorials

Woman Training at ComputerOver 300 Flash based tutorials on how to use your hosting control panel software. Featuring cPanel, Ensim, Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin, and more.

Web Hosting Support on Demand!

AutoResponse Plus Consulting & Customizations

AutoResponse Plus Consultant. You've got ideas on how you can use AutoResponse Plus to make your sales process better. Our consultants help website owners and business managers solve their website marketing problems and LAMP issues -- Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/Php; website marketing solutions for your business.

Let's Talk!

High Performance Optimization & Tuning

Confident business woman with a - No Problem, Can Do - attitude! Your AutoResponse Plus and MySQL are tweaked, optimized and tuned. 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, even 1,000,000 emails can be sent... "ARP on Steroids Plus" And, of course, if you just need ARP & MySQL Perf. Tuning for your server, or anything in between... like an ARP Lube & Tune

Useful Website Marketing Tools

...that allow you to measure your traffic, promote, monitor, and advertise your site.

Tool 1: Professional Service Marketing - Written by "the world's leading expert on low-cost, high-profit marketing."

Tool 2: Copywriting Training (coming soon) - A powerful program that will show you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to craft the tightest, most compelling copy imaginable.

Tool 3: Website Statistics and Web Analytics - Provides online, real-time reporting on...

  • Who visits your site
  • How they found you
  • How they navigate your site
  • If they buy or transact on your site
  • How effective your advertising is

Tool 4: Search Engine Submission - top 4 SEs give 96% of your traffics; rest add links.

  • Step by step tools and tutorials to get your site listed.
  • Submit to hundreds of search engines and directories.
  • Sites optionally resubmitted monthly
  • Track rankings over time

Tool 5: Website Monitoring for Downtime - If your site is down, it means:

  • Lost Revenues: for ecommerce companies, website downtime is business downtime.
  • Damaged Reputation: as a "sound", "ethical" company is immediately suspect
  • Customers: If they can't buy or transact on your site, they may never come back

Tool 6: Search Term Analysis & Optimization - Locates and analyzes hundreds of potential search terms for your site. Analysis including:

  • Number of searches per month
  • Number of competitors (see where there is high search volume and low competition)
  • Pay-per-click bid data
  • Average clicks per day
  • Your link popularity (how many sites link to a site is a primary factor in ranking)
  • Your competitor's link popularity
  • Once you know what your best search terms are, make sure your site is optimized:

  • Search Engine Readiness Report
  • Search Term Density Report
  • and much more...